The OPTICS™ System

Eliminate Costly Handoff Errors Between Departments in Your Company!

Create Your Roadmap in 5 Simple Steps to...

Align Expectations in Accountability & Responsibility

Streamline Workflow Automations

Assess Readiness for Generative AI


The EPS OPTICS™ system is a simple holistic approach to enable your leadership team & employees to clearly align, execute more efficiently, and engage in continuous improvement. The system includes a framework for strategic planning with effective execution support.


The Question

Do you struggle to align your team with clearly documented processes followed by all?

Your Pain

  • Process inconsistencies & inefficiencies

  • Employee frustration & turnover

  • Dissatisfied or lost clients​​

  • Missed handoffs or process failures

EPS has developed a proven framework supported by a team of professional consultants ready to help align your people & processes to perform more efficiently.​

Results delivered through facilitated sessions & organized in the EPS software platform to enable effective execution.


The Question

Does your team struggle with efficient & effective execution of processes?​

The EPS process outsourcing team helps clients with:​

-Data Insights​

-Financial Reporting​

-Project Management​

-Documentation Support​

​Results delivered through our highly experienced team of professionals.

Your Pain

  • Lack of operational clarity​

  • Challenges recruiting & retaining

  • High cost of labor​​​

  • Unclear data insights


The Question

Does your team struggle to prioritize & engage in consistent improvement?​

Your Pain

  • Team / Business Plateaued​

  • Misalignment​

  • Miscommunication​

  • Lack of Execution on Strategic Plan

OPTICS™ Training has been designed to align your team around the P5 Rocket™ with training modules on:​

-Alignment of People & Process​

-Metrics Identification & Monitoring​

-Leadership Communication​

-Development of Process Standards​

-Improvement Engagement

About EPS

  • Founded in 2016 by Ryan Weiss, a global executive with decades of experience in startups through multinational Fortune 500 companies.

  • Launched the P5 Rocket™ & OPTICS™ systems for strategic alignment & execution, evolving into a software platform & BPO team helping clients align, execute, and improve.​

  • Trained thousands of people across dozens of companies delivering millions in value creation.​

  • Our team is focused on your success through alignment of core values & clarity of purpose​

EPS Core Values

Lead with transparency & integrity

Create value

Develop long-term relationships​

Acknowledge failures

learn and adapt​

“Impact the world in a positive way by helping people clarify, simplify, document, and execute on processes that work.”


38W656 Hopps Rd.
Elgin, IL 60124

(908) 227-9685


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